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Re: Does It Get Better???

Part 2 for today
Finals are boring. I hate typing boring papers about boring stuff

Ok back again.FYI, I'd like to see a Trek based time travel series.

I'm going to try to catch up on several episodes today, as it's been a while, and won't watch anymore until Sunday again.

I liked it. Even though Barclay is not my favorite character, I still like him. I've got Asperger's, so I can understand his crazy obsessions.Also, if anyone's ever watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Witchcraft, there's a whole subplot about Twilight Sparkle writing franfiction about her friends. They weren't happy about it either. I liked this episode better than the TNG movies The fact that Admiral Paris still cares about Tom is nice, especially after we've seen how strained it is. Hopeful, uplifting,good
Trek. Neelix singing? Oh, why not. He's still one of my favorites.

Fair Haven
Oh good grod. I really don't like "The Quiet Man" style Irish culture. Many people gripe about Chakotay's background was handled, well, not happy with this am I. Miles O'Brien, I can grok.Bars, fighting,grumpy priests, Danny Boy - yeah, that's authentic, like green beer or corned beef and cabbage. As good as Picard's French accent - quite authentic. How about some Pogues, Stiff Little Fingers, Black 47, Flogging Molly, even U2 - happy
Celtic based music? I thought Tom liked rock. One thing I like about other shows -Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones, Aeryn and Crichton, Jadzia Dax and Worf, heck even Fry and Leela - good relationships with main characters. Janeway and...maybe Chakotay, maybe Seven? Really, they aren't "subordinates", at least I thought Chakotay was supposed to be her equal, and Seven really isn't Starfleet or Maquis. Those were the two most popular ones I remember when Voyager first aired.Instead, she gets Michael "delete the wife" Sullivan. It's also a bad juxtaposition after Barclay's virtual Voyager
fun. And yes, Spirit Folk is coming up soon in my list....
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