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Re: Star Trek: Our Sacred Honor--A Tale Of Captain Ezri Dax

Thank you all for your comments, so far!

Okay! Ask...and you shall recieve.

First up: the alternate "Bacco's Office" scene.

This was written before Rough Beasts of Empire came out. As I've said before, I'd originally planned for Tal'Aura's RSE to be the villain in this tale. As such, when the book came out--chronologically taking place before ZSG--it put me in a tight spot, forcing me to re-write a lot. Among other things, I had to remove a nice moment in which L'Haan, upon hearing Sorak's report about the civilians being recruited--and killed--by the Tal Shiar, muses on the disquieting irony, that "our cousins" could engage in such brutality.

Fortunately, it did also lead me to write a nice passage where Ezri, musing on Donatra's sad fate, reflects on the apparent tragedy which seems to be the norm in the universe, right now. That moment, I think, prepares us nicely for her moment of cynicism just before the end of the tale--and helps make her reassurance more rewarding.

Still, there are many things I miss, from the following version of the "holo-conference" chapter--not the least of which is the cameraderie I enjoyed establishing between Martok, Donatra, and Bacco. I also couldn't resist "working in" my knowledge and love of Political Theory/Philosophy, with the reference to Hobbes. So, without further ado...

A further note: the idea that Spock is putting his "refugee" idea (which has its roots in my "Rendezvous With Destiny") on hold, I'm pretty sure was my attempt to reconcile the story with Rough Beasts. That, alas, was before I realized that the dang book takes place before ZSG. *sigh*

Of course, it could just as easily be my laying out a "path" to Spock on Romulus in the events leading up to the Hobus star supernova....
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