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Re: Marvel's Ultimate Comics

I've now read those first six issues of the new Miles Morales series. Even with Bendis's often-annoying decompressed storytelling style, I thought these early issues moved at a pretty good pace to get Miles to a mental state where he could imagine actually using his powers. I'm pretty happy with what I read, and have already ordered the "premiere edition" hardcover collecting issues seven through twelve.

I also ordered the two Ultimates hardcover volumes and am looking forward to starting that series when they arrive. After Hickman's Fantastic Four, I'm pretty willing to give anything of his a chance. I actually plan on doing just that with some of his other, non-superhero work at some point, like Pax Romana, Nightly News, and his ongoing Manhattan Projects.

Even though opinions on X-Men in this thread have been pretty negative, I picked up its two volumes at my LCS anyways. The political situation in the United States in the Ultimate Universe right now has my curiosity piqued to such a level that I decided I wanted to give those issues a chance, despite the uneven reviews that I've seen and the thoughts here. It helped a bit that one of the employees at the store said he had been enjoying the series, so that pushed my overall impression into a more "mixed" stance than a "don't bother, it's not good" one.

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Critical differences of opinion seem to be discouraged on the board.
There is, of course, nothing wrong with differences in opinion. You, however, haven't actually articulated a clear opinion in this thread on the state of modern comics, other than some glib "I understood nothing you just said, ergo modern comics suck!" nonsense and a link to other people's rants. Why not try posting your own thoughts?

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