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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Another route, and no one's discussed this, would be to treat the series like the Bond films. Bale and Nolan are done? Fine. Replace them but continue the continuity of the films.
That's not like the Bond films. The Bond series has no overarching story or character arcs.
What? There's a definite SPECTRE plot arc across the first seven films, spanning two actors, and Diamonds are Forever begins with Connery-Bond avenging the death of Lazenby-Bond's wife in the previous film. I don't know which Bond movies you've seen, but the Bond movies I've seen have story and character arcs across films and actors.
The OHMSS-DAF connection is tenuous at best. There is not only a different actor playing Bond but a different one playing Blofeld and Connery and Charles Gray play their roles entirely differently from Lazenby and Telly Savalas (who was himself entirely different from Donald Pleasance's take in You Only Live Twice). Tracy is never mentioned in DAF, nor is Bond's wedding.

The tones of the two movies are entirely different and DAF opens with some jokes at Connery's expense about how the Secret Service missed Bond but he's not indispensable - this is a nod to the fourth wall, much like OHMSS' "This never happened to the other guy" but it's hardly the same as anyone commiserating over his loss. Some have said that the ruthlessness with which Bond hunts down Blofeld in DAF is due to the finale of OHMSS but Connery's 007 is content to flirt with women in the usual manner.

There is some mild continuity between the 007 movies - SPECTRE agents in From Russia With Love refer to the loss of their colleague Dr No, Jaws appeared in The Spy Who Loved Me and its follow-up Moonraker, Tracy is obliquely referenced in For Your Eyes Only and Licence to Kill. As against that, you have Blofeld failing to recognise Bond in OHMSS, even though they met in the previous movie (YOLT), you have Felix Leiter being played by different actors in different movies (including morphing from a 30 something to a 50 something between The Living Daylights and Licence to Kill), you have actors like Joe Don Baker turning up as different characters a few movies apart.

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Not really. There are recurring villains, but it's a stretch to say the series has a continuing story (it certainly hasn't since the 60s in even that minor degree), and Bond's character doesn't develop, or arrive at an ending. There's no Bond film that has spent the whole movie showing how Bond needs to stop being a secret agent, ending with him quitting and living happily ever after with his love interest, only for the next movie to have him back on the job. The Bond movies are inherently open-ended. Nolan's Batman trilogy is just that, a trilogy. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end for Bruce Wayne.
You should check out the Daniel Craig Bond movies.

And they, of course, took their cue from Batman Begins in opting to re-set the Bond series.
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