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Re: Hope Solo: Babe of the week #31 (July 2012)

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Sexism? Is that a codeword for "current values of society"? We get accused of rating women like "meat" but thats exactly what society does. Why with the thousands of people that go missing in the US each year do only the young, female, and attractive ones get on the news? On Nancy Grace? On any cable news show?
Before I registered on this forum, I didn't really understand why people complained that women aren't getting enough respect in certain places, I thought that such claims were largely exaggerated. “Big deal” I thought. I was oblivious to existence of this pattern of behaviour around me and I feared that going against the “non-existing” pattern would somehow harm my ability to express myself and my feelings.

Then I registered here, and the first thing was to scroll down, notice the “babe” tag in the tag cloud – the biggest one of all. Suddenly I got offended. Perhaps I had seen something so blatantly out of place before, but this one really struck me.

Yeah, I know, this happens in all the other places too, especially on the Internet, but unlike here, at least the people who jump to rating would get ridiculed to the point that they are now an Internet meme. Here you get worked up over well-expressed, well-meant and restrained criticism?

The existence of a meat counter that is so prominent and unabashed is really really hard to ignore.


Quite frankly, is it that difficult to think about the fact that there are people who are uncomfortable with it, and then consider that adding something about, say, Hope's football skills is a much better use of your time than posting “thumbs down, her breasts have the wrong drag coefficient”?
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