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Re: TP: Zero Sum Game by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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^To your last point--first, as far as we know, Koval had overseen a Tal Shiar plot to assasinate the deputy chief of SI. So, if we're going to compare extent of manpulation...
Killing an organization's leader isn't the same as sockpuppeting the organization.

(Interestingly enough--the cover was the admiral suddenly came down with a disease...much like what happened with the Praetor. So...surely the Shiar would recognize its own methods?)

I'm willing to bet that most prominent people in the Federation, even in the Romulan Star Empire despite the terrible instability of late, die natural deaths.

Would this have been different? The disease that killed Dor and Tal'Aura was one well-known to Romulan society for its long incubation period and near-undetectability. The main subject of public speculation about the disease seems to have been the possibility that it was transmitted sexually from one victim to another.

Privately? The Tal Shiar would be able to exclude the possibility of a sexual encounter between the two (unless one actually did take place, something beyond the ability of the Tzenkethi to know). Even if the Tal Shiar did come to suspect foul play, there isn't exactly a shortage of candidates. Romulans might be logically suspected of using a Romulan disease; the Federation and the Klingons, too. But the Tzenkethi? Why?

Second--again, the manipulation of 31 by the Tal Shiar occured before it was revealed that Koval was a mole--some years before. It's likely--in fact, probable, that Koval was not a mole as of Rogue.
Why probable?

But back to a previous point--the virus. could the Tal Shiar allow foreigners to have the opportunity to come into such contact with the Praetor so as to have her infected? Has it really become so incompetent, over the years since Koval's assasination (an event that is, in itself, a bit astonishing, on that account)?
The Tal Shiar has gone through significant internal tumult in the past few years.
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