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Re: Does It Get Better???

Ye gods, finals are evil.
Anyway, I'm finally catching up again on Voyager, up to "The Voyager Conspiracy". Why doesn't anyone say, "Seven, you're nuts?" as soon as she starts to babble? Really it's way too late to be playing the Maquis vs Starfleet card. If this had been done in the first season,it may have been interesting. No. Just no. Chakotay, no. Shut up.

As far the shuttles, I'm thinking there's a few solutions. One, they're cannibalizing parts of the decks that no one is using. Two, they're finding random space junk and Tom, while not in the brig or playing on the holodeck, is creating shuttles out of whatever they find. Three, they've reconfigured the replicators to be continuously spitting out shuttle parts, which why everyone has to eat in the mess whatever mess they're serving.
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