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Re: TP: Zero Sum Game by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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A divided Romulan realm was never stabile, in the long run; the Tzenkethi knew that the longer the Romulans remained divided between the Star Empire and the Imperial State, the more inevitable a Romulan civil war would become. Such a war would inevitably drag the rest of the Pact into it, Tzenkethi Coalition included.
And the rest of the Khitomer Allies. The Tzenkethi don't seem to be as exposed as the Gorn, but the Coalition would still nearly be surrounded.

So they're faced with two seemingly contradictory goals -- restore stability to the Romulan situation, and prevent the Pact from turning into a Romulan hegemony.

The solution they come up with -- allow the RSE to be re-united, but place it under the rule of an internationalist rather than an imperialist -- is of course imperfect. But that doesn't mean their operation in Rough Beasts was not a success, or that it didn't achieve those two goals at least for now.
Which is of course no guarantee that events won't overcome them in the future. No one ever claimed the Tzenkethi were the master manipulators who know everything that could possibly happen and are formulating perfect plans within plans to manipulate it all. Between the failures of the Tal Shiar and Section 31, it's pretty obvious that there are no infallible Chess Masters in the Trekverse. Think less David Xanatos and more George Smiley.
From the Tzenkethi perspective, the detente with the Federation Kamemor is intent on pushing may be a significant problem, perhaps one requiring an adjustment of one kind or another. This would be a significant problem from the Tzenkethi perspective, not least since the Romulan state and its institutions seem rather more functional now than under Tal'Aura's rule.

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