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Re: Hope Solo: Babe of the week #31 (July 2012)

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I don't care about the criticism, but do care a bunch of vigilantes have decided to mess about in threads solely for the purpose of disrupting them. This board made peace with this issue long ago by allowing this one "babe of the week" thread. People aren't allowed to derail or disrupt other threads and I see the statement "but we're not going away" as a promise to do just that.
So sexism is okay as long as it's confined to one thread (which it isn't)?

Is there a dedicated "let's be racist"-thread, too?
Sexism? Is that a codeword for "current values of society"? We get accused of rating women like "meat" but thats exactly what society does. Why with the thousands of people that go missing in the US each year do only the young, female, and attractive ones get on the news? On Nancy Grace? On any cable news show?

We had a dozen people killed in Aurora the other day but which one of them shows up on the news all the time? Why the young, female, and attractive one, of course. Look at your local TV news broadcast, tell me female reporters weren't picked for their attractiveness first. The leads of recent TV shows, tell me the women were picked for the acting ability first and not their attractiveness, I dare you.

If we are all sexist its because we live a society that values female attractiveness above almost anything else.
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