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Re: Should a new Star Trek show be live action or animated?

R. Star wrote: View Post
A cartoon doesn't always have to be aimed at children. Sure it can be inclusive, but take say... Gargoyles. That's a show I'd rewatch right now these days.
Gargoyles was still considered a cartoon aimed at kids. Such shows can have U.S. television ratings that range from TV-Y (safe for pre-schoolers) to TV-PG (containing mild language, moderate violence, or even light sexual content).

It's when you start getting into the TV-14 range that a show is considered inappropriate viewing for kids under the age of 14.
LtChange wrote:
If animation automatically there will do a kid friendly series wich will simply destroy better stories. Better stories in an animation series will be mediocre at best compared to any other previous live action episodes...
Which is untrue. There are animated shows out there that can blow away live-action fare. Not all animated shows have simplistic stories and characters. Quite a few anime shows--of the non Saturday-morning toy-based variety, IMO--are frequently very complex.
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