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Re: Hope Solo: Babe of the week #31 (July 2012)

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The rest of us don't really care.
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Oh, but I very much do care...

that you and a few others have designated yourselves as some kind of feminist thought police and have taken to coming into these threads to derail them.
Firstly, we're not here to police your thoughts, there's a difference between thinking a thing and posting something on a message board, if you can't see the distinction there, that's an issue.

Secondly, there's a problem with gender relations on this website (as there is with a lot of websites, and the world in general), and I know that because I read what women have to say on the subject. Women on this forum shouldn't be made to feel uncomfortable for being women, they shouldn't feel like they're being objectified, and they shouldn't be attracting certain creepy comments. But they, seemingly all of them, do encounter these problems on this site. Whenever a discussion on that subject develops, these BOTW threads are almost always singled out by women as a symptom, and an enabling element, of the problem. If you don't care about that problem, okay, continue to ignore it. But I do care, and there are many other men like me. If that makes us "feminists", then okay, whatever, that's not an insult to us. We want to end the boys' club mentality that pervades much of this website. You're free to fight us on that, but we're not going away.
I don't care about the criticism, but do care a bunch of vigilantes have decided to mess about in threads solely for the purpose of disrupting them. This board made peace with this issue long ago by allowing this one "babe of the week" thread. People aren't allowed to derail or disrupt other threads and I see the statement "but we're not going away" as a promise to do just that.
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