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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

That's just it. I see very little enthusiasm for this event. I've seen nothing to suggest the tickets are selling in any great number.

Well thats because you arent part of the un-official group which currently has 400 members and is growing at a rate of about 120 per month. We have chosen to keep the group small instead of advertising it because we are all getting to know each other well and want ot actually meet up at DSTL. In that group there have been points raised (some of which you have covered) but there is also a huge buzz about the show which an awful lot of people are attending. Not forgetting the partners of those members who dont need to join the group as well as other family members I'd be surprised if the group as whole hasnt brought at least 800 - 1000 tickets between us.

In the group we have set up a flow of information through a few of us rather than the whole group bombarding SM with questions which is much more effective. we've also arranged:

1: A travel information page
2: A ticket breakdown spreadsheet with costings so people can track what they spend.
3: A costume group where people can get info on where to buy, make and get resources for making costumes.
4: A hotel page to detail who is staying where so you can get to know people in your hotel.... believe me, we have taken nearly every room in all the docklands hotels
5: We have designed, manafactured and sold our very own unique DSTL pin badge so we can recognise other group members from the other guests at the show.

So just because YOU havent seen many people talk about DSTl doesnt mean it isnt a popular subject. Have you ever thought its because people dont wnat your negativity about? This will be my first Con and yes I have had concerns, but picking at every little thing just makes you look like a whiner instead of someone who wants to enjoy the show. Its no wonder people dont give you time when you are willing so badly for it to fail.
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