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Re: Your favourite Batman...

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A few months back I was reading Death in the Family, and I didn't even realize until I was over half-way through it that I'd been unintentionally reading it with Conroy's Batman and Hamil's Joker voices in my head. I think that right there shows just how much of an impact those two have had on me. As good as some of the other people have been, they are the first voices I hear when I picture the characters.
Agreed. And when B-TAS debuted I was already in my early thirties.

The perceptions revealed in these posts is as interesting as the choices themselves. There is such a diversity of viewpoint.

It reminds me of a point that came up in a thread I started regarding Lost In Space. Some couldn't understand how I couldn't accept LIS on its own terms. My reply was simply that my perspective had changed and I could no longer accept it thought the perception of youth. I simply couldn't just "turn off" my adult perspective.

So much seems influenced by the expectations we bring into the theatre with us.
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