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Re: Your favourite Batman...

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I like the Nolan-Batman approach the most. But of all his films, I like Batman Begins the most. It contains the greatest amount of Bats, Fear and ninja tactics.

In the other films, they almost ignore that, so he could wear ANY mask. It's not important anymore that he's the BAT man.
A very good point and why I almost chose Batman Begins as my favourite. It does a good job of setting the stage for the Batman we know. On another day depending how I feel I could well pick BB.

Two main reasons why the Burton films are weak for me. Burton's Gotham City doesn't impress me as a believable place. It feels like a huge isolated soundstage, which it really was. It feels small while Nolan's stories feel like they're part of a broader world. Also the camp element hasn't aged well and comes off as too blatant. It feels too much like a lighthearted comic even with some of the darker elements present. It feels too operatic and staged, which works for some people but not for me.

Mind you the live-action films have largely missed the boat on a big element of Batman comics: Batman as detective. This is something B-TAS got right as well as Bruce's occasional other disguises.
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