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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Well I enjoyed the movie tremendously. Although it was too long, it didn't feel like they tagged on a condensed second movie in the final third like Dark Knight and Spiderman 3. They made good use of the characters although I would have liked more fisticuffs and bat gimmicks rather than cars and bikes.

Big thumbs up for a return to realistic explosions, low-key special effects, and logical plot progression. I hated the exploding hospital scene in Dark Knight because it just wasn't realsitic for the joker to be able to sneak in that amount of explosives all over the hospital, even within the bounds of realism in superhero movies. Mind you, I did also wonder where those motorcycles came from at the stock exchange in this one - bit weird but less so than the hospital explosion.

The producers would be bonkers not to take the franchise forward, even if with a new cast and new director. Nolan has been deliberate in his approach to the franchise - he's used known villains but hasn't rushed to include all the iconic ones. He's seeded all sorts of plot threads for the future - even Barbara Gordon would be about 13 right now. A reboot at this stage would be very annoying!
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