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Re: The Dark Knight Rises -- Blake Question (possible spoilers)

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Blake is meant to be Batman II Not Robin. He just happens to have the name Robin, which I believe was Nolan's homage to the character. Personally I see more of Terry McGuiness in Blake than any Robin.
Agreed. That said I'm not really keen on seeing a John Blake as Batman film even though it probably could be made to work. For me Bruce Wayne is the Batman, period.

Now a proper Batman Beyond film could be fun, but how many of the general audience beyond fans of the series would buy into this?
It just seemed like they were trying to make him into Robin. I thought maybe Blake was just a fake name until they introduced him as Robin. Granted, I never thought they were going to make him where the suit, because I always thought there'd be no reference to Robin at all.

I thought he found the Batcave because he knew Batman previously and somehow was told who he was.

I also apologize if I spoiled anything for anyone, I thought maybe most people have seen the movie by now
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