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Re: Hope Solo: Babe of the week #31 (July 2012)

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"Other people do it, too." Not a very competent defence.
It is, if it reveals a contradiction in the philosophy the opponent asserts in the debate (or rather, a lack of adherence). Such contradictions must be at least addressed--and either justified or admitted. Otherwise, said opponent loses credibility.
A suggestion for your debating skills: you can't use Emilia's opinion to point out a contraddiction in my argument because, as it has been noted, we are different people. It's not a surprise, tho, that from your point of view, all the people who don't share your worldview are blurred in a single, fuzzy entity called "the enemy". In fact, you do it all the time. I guess you don't know many "liberal" people in real life, and so it's difficult for you to treat us like real people with different opinions, instead of your idea of how "liberals" think and behave.

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And people wonder why we take issues with the title of these threads.
If you don't like the threads, stay the hell out of them. If you want to whine and moan about them use this handy thread. The rest of us don't really care.
If I'll have to put up with the blatant sexism in these threads, you'll have to put up with the whining. Thankfyouverymuch.

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Yeah...keep telling yourself that, sidious--if it makes you feel better.
I don't need to feel better as you're doing your normal schtick of asserting something vaguely and then acting as if you won an intellectual debate. This is nothing new and, once again, you're not making a clear point.
My guess is that he was a prized member of his debate team in high school (or somesuch) in his small hometown, and that formed his opinion that he's some kind of master debater and a formidable opponent. Like most people of common ability raised in a place where intellectual competence is somewhat scarce, he developed the illusion that he's a better debater than he actually is, and that his ability to outthink knuckle draggers and cow fuckers translates well in the larger world. Obviously, it doesn't, but hard-held ideas are difficult to let go, especially if they are linked to one's self esteem.

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I do not come from America, so probably my knowledge of the language is imperfect, but I was too wondering what does exactly "masculine feminist" mean. A man who supports equality? An independent woman? A butch lesbian? It's really confusing.
The meaning certainly isn't clear but, if I were to guess, I would assume that Admiral2 is trying to shame us by calling us masculine women or feminine men. If it was an attempt at a barb, it certainly wasn't clear enough to make a point, nor sharp enough to do any damage to my normally fragile ego.
That's what I thought, but it just doesn't make sense. Being respecful of women makes me "feminine"? That's absurd. I wish Admiral2 would come and explain it, because it's the second time he used the expession so it must mean something important for him.

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If you don't like the threads, stay the hell out of them.
Nope. You can continue to make posts in these threads, and we can continue to make posts about your posts. You know, like the way internet forums are designed to work. If you don't care, ignore them.
Oh, but I very much do care that you and a few others have designated yourselves as some kind of feminist thought police and have taken to coming into these threads to derail them.
And we very much do care that these threads are disrespectful and demeaning for women, like all women that commented here have repeatedly said. Just as you are "free" to treat women as pieces of meat to be ranked on a market, we are free to voice our displeasure with it. Freedom, and all that jazz. I hope the irony doesn't escape you.
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