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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

Just watched Lonely Among Us, and it's a lot better than I remembered. Sure it doesn't have the most complex plot, and is basically just another alien possession story, but it was still a fairly well-executed one, I thought.

There's a nice sense of atmosphere, the scenes between the crew are well written (even if they do seem awfully slow to figure out what's going on), Data has some fun moments as Sherlock Holmes, and we get to see cool things like the dress uniforms, the Sensor Maintenance room, and some new aliens.

And as goofy as it is, the end of the episode where Picard's energy somehow sneaks back onboard the ship was charming as hell and actually kind of worked. It's just hard not to smile when you see that "P" form on Geordi's station.
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