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Re: Your favourite Batman...

The serials are awful, and racist to boot.

I remember finding the Batman tv series (watched in reruns) rather fun, but the character made no more impression on me there than he did in Superfriends, which I watched because I was a mad Wonder Woman fan back when that series was on. I, in fact, had no perception of Batman particularly, until I got my hands on a comic that my mom must have picked up for me - it was The Death of Batgirl - a classic I have since reread. Good stuff that gave me my first taste of what a rich playground Gotham City is.

I never made it all the way through the Adam West Batman movie. I usually find camp a snore and it is so here too.

By the time Burton's Batman came along, I had truly discovered the Dark Knight - introduced via DKR and Year One. I always hated Nicholson, who wasn't playing the Joker so much as he was playing Jack-Nicholson-as-the-Joker, and Keaton, while quirky, fun and charming barely felt like Batman. Too scrawny and that's all there is to it. I could beat up Michael Keaton.

I used to have a big celebrity crush on Val Kilmer and flipped out when I heard he was going to play Batman. Sadly, he phoned it in big time. Thumbs down. The best thing about Batman and Robin is Alicia Slverstone, and when Alicia Silverstone is the best thing you've got going - you're in major trouble.

You know, I liked Mask of the Phantasm very much - but I'm not as critical of animated material as I am of live action stuff. If I were to give MotP the same sort of once over I've given TDKR - the story has a ton of holes. A+ for mood though.

Having just rewatched the entire Nolan trilogy, which I tend to favor since his take on the character is closest to the version of Batman I prefer, I gotta say it's Batman Begins that stands out for me - especially if the question is my favorite Batman. The Dark Knight is probably the superior movie, but it is a great deal less about Batman. The problem with a stoic, long-suffering hero is that he often gets overshadowed by his villains, and that is very true here. But the Hong Kong extraction may be the best on-film example of Batman's tactical brilliance.

Batman Begins gets into the character, mind, heart and soul - and it's always been certain key issues that have turned me on about Batman as a mythic hero: "will is everything!", the urban landscape of Gotham as character, the sheer cleverness and nerve of Bruce Wayne - these are all best on display in Batman Begins. It also has the best conclusion for a Batman story - never a happy ending, but one that comes down to small triumphs in a never-ending battle.
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