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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

United Confederation Fleet Wants You!
United Confederation Fleet is newly formed and just a few weeks from the end of it's first quarter. The United Confederation Fleet is the operational exploratory and military authority of the Planetary Alliance political coalition. It was formally formed in 2404 then reformed in 2412 and superseded the role of the Starfleet Command which was a more loosely controlled body tasked with the same purpose.

The UCF, as it it is more commonly referred to, is a structured military styled organization with starships, facilities and personnel donated by it's member governments.

Operation of the UCF is overseen by the Planetary Alliance Council which draws its members from each government that has signed into contributing and cooperating with the UCF. This council appoints a Commander in Chief who commands the organization on a day to day basis.

We currently have 4 sims, 2 starships, a starbase and a Risa (Rated 18+, but, not XXX) sim. All are looking for crew. With UCF your character is not limited to just the Federation, but, you can have them come from the military of any of the member governments!!!!

Our sims currently include:

CSS Enterprise:

Winds of Change
In the wake of massive cutbacks and resource mismanagement in the Federation and attacks on both aligned and non-aligned world by those posing as Starfleet a new government has been proposed. Built in the image of the former United Confederation Fleet or UCF they will be forces and politicians drawn from participating worlds. In theory to allow better access to those who do not wish to join the Federation. But already new forces have reared their heads to conduct terrorist attacks on non-Cardassiasns using bio-weapons. In these dark times will the UCF and Alliance succeed?

Risan Hedony State:

Prelude - Seceding from the Federation
After several years of discontent with the Federation and StarFleet the Risan government had come to a painful decision of seceding from the Federation and becoming an independent world.

But with this decision came some major consequence they had to give up StarFleet protection both on land and in space. Which has allowed the Orion Syndicate to run rampant both in space and on the ground and allow some other crime syndicates to run rampant.

Now with a new fleet coming into power the Risan Hedony State is considering using them for training and protection in space.

Starbase Nimitz:

Starbase Nimitz is is located near the edges of Federation and Romulan space roughly 30 light years from SD-6. The starbase was recently turned over to UCF control to give the Fleet a foothold deeper in the quadrant.

USS Heyerdahl(sims in the new Star Trek movie universe, set in 2242):

Look Who's Talking
The crew of the Heyerdahl return to the ship after four months of downtime and reassignment. During that time, the ship underwent a number of systems upgrades, among which the new vocal computer interface, which still has a few kinks. Stationed at Starbase 12, the Heyerdahl awaits the arrival of old and new crew before setting off on another mission.

Orion Colony [Brand New]:

Orion, the son of Poseidon and Eulyra. The noble hunter who was born of the gods and immortalized in the night skies of Earth.

It is ten years after the end of the Dominion War and the Quadrants have entered a fragile peace. The Federation, Klingons and Romulans have worked together to try to rebuild, but things are never as quiet as they seem. Orion Colony has been tasked a part in the protection of this peace. They assist nearby starbases and colonies in defense and aid while continuing to conduct research on the lost civilization that once inhabited the system.

Join us as we protect the the innocent, discover the unknown, and explore the final frontier...

CSS Andoria:

The Call of the Sirens

The USS Andoria has just been assigned to the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 93 along the Romulan Neutral Zone. At lot of attention was paid the USS Andoria since it was the first ship since the late 2260's to be named for one of the founding worlds of the Federation.

However before the Andoria is even out of the door of Deep Space Six, Commodore Gabriel West has ordered the ship to look into the matter of several mission ships along the newly reduced Romulan Neutral Zone. The Andoria has been order to investigate why over ten ships have been reported mission by several shipping companies.

In addition to those sims we have a "mothball fleet" which has several sims that have open CO positions.

Check out and join today!!!
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