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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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Here's a comparison shot from "Where no one has gone before" that shows how the 2-foot model, which didn't have interior window lights, finally got those lights for the remastered version of the episode. Isn't that just excellent?
That looks like a CG shot to me.
Yeah, if you look really closely at the surface detailling and the outlines, it's not the same model. Damn close match though, great work. Very consistent with the shots of the 6-footer too.
Images put in spoiler tags to shorten the posts page length.

This is the 2 foot model... it looks different mainly because the different passes are aligned more properly.

The 2 foot model was also indeed lit... they just were unable to use the lighting for the warp jump sequences, due to the method of attaining the effect, slit scan photography... in the original version, you can see the window pass fading out as the model goes into the turn... but how they added the windows, etc. back in, is beyond me... I asked Mike and Denise Okuda though.

Not sure why they didn't fix shots using this CG model:

... when the original footage was found, to be used in this shot:

Same with the first shot in the EaF separation sequence, since this is the original shot...


... to get the shot in EaF all one would need to do is flip the footage horizonatally... I also noticed they fixed the perspective of the stars warping past...


Remastered Flipped:

As for the audio issues, I've had no issues with syncing when using the stereo track... with the 7.1, I've noticed the tin can echoing... but other than that, no issues with sound.

When it comes to the credits, of the Enterprise going to warp, the sounds were always slightly delayed, even on the original DVD's... I think it's mainly due to adhering to the whole light travels faster than sound principle, even though there is no sound in space... I'm guessing that's why that delay is there... anyway.
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