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Re: Your favourite Batman...

I know I may be shot at sunrise for admitting this but I prefer the two Schumacher Batman films over Burton's Batman Films (Although Keaton was a better Batman/Wayne). They're a lot of fun! Sure Batman & Robin is silly and cheesy but they're more fun and entertaining than Batman Returns which was too depressing and Dark...although Michelle Pfeiffer was great as Catwoman. Batman 89 is pretty good but gets a little tedious at times.

I like Batman Begins more than The Dark Knight which was too long too complicated and joyless. If it weren't for Heath Ledger's performance the movie would not have been as good. I have not seen The Dark Knight Rises yet.

So here are my top live action Batman movies.

1. Batman Forever
2. Batman Begins
3. Batman & Robin
4. Batman 89
5. The Dark Knight
6. Batman Returns
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