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Re: Re-watching Babylon 5 (* SPOILERS *)

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^ I only have the S1 DVD set, which does not have The Gathering included. As I noted, though, I have seen the episode before (a couple of times at least), and have, as noted, generally started my B5 viewing with it in the past because it is the original pilot for the series. However, as I noted, I came to the realization upon watching MotFL again that, despite it being the original pilot, The Gathering is somewhat extraneous (although it should probably watched just for the sake of completeness) and that MotFL does a more than adequate job of introducing audiences to the world of B5 and its characters.
Ah. Gotcha.

As I said though, I still don't understand why The Gathering was put on the movie set instead of the first season set. it's as much a first season episode as the rest of them. maybe someday somebody can explain this to me.

Anyhow, sorry for derailing your thread with my thoughts.
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