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Re: Your favourite Batman...

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Batman: TAS and Batman: Mask of the Phantasm are my all time favorite Batman material. Even more so than the comics. But since that wasn't a choice I chose Batman Begins, my favorite of all the live action Batman projects.
I initially considered including the animated works, but I felt there'd be some resistance to comparing animation with live-action.

Batman in animation is basically of two periods: before and after B-TAS. Before it was pretty straightforward adventure with next to little nuance and character---essentially generic Saturday morning kids' fare. After the debut of B-TAS we got a much more complex depiction of Batman and his world, and it's been generally consistent in overall approach since even extending into the series Batman Beyond. There might have been some difference with the other Batman series, but I can't speak to that because it never interested me. Even so that depiction doesn't seem to have had a lasting impression because the DCAU films harken back to B-TAS in overall tone and depiction of Batman. The other exception is The Brave And The Bold which has a somewhat more humorous sensibility. And while enjoyable TBATB still aren't influencing the DCAU features.
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