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Re: General Music Thread

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^ I agree the late 70's were a wasteland for Hard Rock, definitely.

Led Zeppelin was really winding down, Deep Purple were over (for the time being) & Rainbow were around but kinda less than they had been.

Boston was up & coming, but disco was taking over as the fad music.

Still a ton of good "classic" rock, like you mentioned.
Yeah...I think that in particular, Zeppelin winding down was kind of taken as sort of a 'signal' at that the era of "Sex Drugs and Rock 'n Roll!!!" was over...and now we were gonna be stuck in musical hell for who knows how long, listening to Donna Summer have orgasms while singing the same 6 words over and over for 20 minutes.

Van Halen got up and running just as all hope was lost, however...and then we got a whole flock of new bands from the UK (The Police being chief among the punk bands like The Clash...and Dire Straits really getting onto our radar over here)...and then I 'discovered' Bruce Springsteen...and things started to look up again.

EDIT: Glad you ordered Love Over Gold, Jay...and yeah, the great thing about going back to discover all the great bands of the 70's and 80's (and even the 60's - not sure how much you know about that era...but there is some cool stuff there!) is that alot of the CDs are dirt cheap now! You can pull together a pretty wicked music collection for not much money!

How old is your dad, by the way? From what you have told me about his vinyl, I'm guessing he is about my age or just a bit older.
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