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Re: General Music Thread

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Another uh.. "highlight" from the late 70's Amanda Lear -Follow Me

I guess its bad that I know the synths used on this one are Moog Modulars...
Oh wow...I'd completely forgotten about that piece of magic.

I was in my teens then...and really, there was some terrible music about. The late 70's is really one of the wastelands of music, IMO. I think that because of 'music' like this and the predominance of disco, I had my Eagles records (actually, 8-tracks!) on permanent rotation at all times for, like, a couple of YEARS! It was the only way to ward off the horrors of the music of the day! To this day, this song holds this odd sense of residual relief for me:

The Eagles were truly a shelter from the storm of a really BAD era of music. In fact, the Eagles were my first real rock concert! Was too young for the Hotel California tour...but got them on The Long Run tour. HUGE crush on Glen Frey! My biggest fear as a teen was that Don Henley and Glen Frey would reach the point where they couldn't stand each other one second longer and The Eagles would break up. Because there was nothing else. I mean, Springsteen was up and running, but I was really too young to appreciate his greatness at that time. I love Springsteen now - including early Springsteen from the 70's...but at the time, I was just too young to get it - I didn't really begin to 'get' Springsteen until "The River", which came out in the early 80's. So The Eagles (and Fleetwood Mac's Fleetwood Mac and Rumours) were pretty much it, in terms of 'new' music.

I was so thankful for the early 80's! When The Police came onto my radar in about 1980-81, I knew I was saved!
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