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Re: General Music Thread

some rubbish that should have stayed forgotten but didn't.
Tell me about it. I used to regularly listen to the charts but I stopped about a year ago because I just got so sick of it, and I'm glad I did. I've found much better music to listen to. Sure, there were some good tracks but it was getting to the point where a good week for me was where I liked 10 out of the 40 tracks... and I usually owned those anyway.

JayOwl...if you end up liking Brothers In Arms..I would suggest Making Movies and Love Over Gold as next steps. You mentioned that you really liked "Telegraph Road" - well, that song is on Love Over Gold and is AWESOME. It was not a single...but it is the song that really got my personal attention, back in the day. Here is the studio version...all 14 minutes of it! :
I've made a note of those. Added them to my wishlist on amazon. I'm at my Dads this week, so I've asked if I can dig out a few of the records, and he's perfectly happy with that. I think I saw lightening on one of them, and looking at the video, that's "Love Over Gold". He's probably got them all somewhere or other though.
The studio version is great, although the video is a little quiet. You know, I really really like this. I think you have a convert. We'll see what happens with the albums, but I'm optimistic.

ETA: I loaded this page ages ago, so I missed the last post. Sure, I'll give it a listen.
ETA2: Sounds very nice. I'll look into that too. If you like that acoustic/ indie sound, would you listen to this?

and one more slightly more up tempo song of theirs:

I've only recently got into Death Cab, but I'm glad I bought 3 of their albums, especially "Plans". Lovely stuff.

I just ordered "Love Over Gold" too. They're very cheap at amazon.
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