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Re: Hope Solo: Babe of the week #31 (July 2012)

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Honestly, you expect us to not to judge her looks in a thread titled "Babe of the week"?
And since when one's intellect, artistic talent or physical ability are not part of one's attractiveness?

I would have an elevated sense of admiration (to say the least) for someone who has won the Nobel prize, and that would add to and supersede my appreciation of their looks, yes. Does beauty make other qualities that make someone attractive disappear or something? It's a thread in which you are discussing a person first and foremost, so yes, any noteworthy talent they have should be a part of it?
I was merely commenting on the irony of TheGodBen's statement that we shouldn't judge a woman by her looks in a thread filled with her pictures. It certainly does not exclude discussing her abilities and talents. I have never heard of Hope Solo before reading this thread so I can only defer comments on her abilities to other people who are more familiar with her achievements in sports and other arenas.
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