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Re: General Music Thread

Zion Ravescene wrote: View Post
Its full title is "Sultans of Swing: the very best of Dire Straits" released in the late 90s, and is a collection of their singles, including the radio edit of "Money For Nothing" and live versions of Local Hero's "Wild Theme" and "Your Latest Trick." It's a decent introduction to their work, I think, and might inspire someone new to the band to seek the rest of their discography.

Track list:
Yeah...that one might well be a step better than Money For Nothing, if you are in the market for a 'best of'. Has more stuff on it, and since it's a decade newer, might have better sound quality, etc on a CD. I just own Money for Nothing and the more recent compilation that has both Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler's solo career featured.

Still no Telegraph Road on that one...but then, that was never a single so was never considered an official 'hit'...even though lots of Dire Straits fans love that song.

You know, JayOwl...I sort of got thinking about the 70's because of your mention of trying out all these bands that were either big in the 70's (Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles) or got their start in the 70's (Dire Straits)...and then the post that I made above.

And based on what I know about you, you might want to add another very important singer/songwriter to your list of people to try out: James Taylor. As you know, I'm pretty much a grunge/hard rock/sometimes-metal kind of gal...but even *I* love James Taylor. One of the great singer/songwriters of our time, IMO:

When I'm in the mood for mellow music or am feeling kind of melancholy, I reach for James Taylor (or also some early Dan Fogelberg...but that's another story). I don't know...there is something soothing about his music...his voice...everything about him. Might be just me because I was a very small child when I first heard him - my older cousins had Sweet Baby James and played it all the time - but I find his music to be like a warm blanket.

I don't know....just an idea.
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