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Your favourite Batman...

So now that The Dark Knight Rises has bowed and is now known rather than just being a question lets look at your favourite live-action take of the Batman, just for fun.

Batman (1943 serial)
Batman and Robin (1949 serial)
Batman (1966 TV series)
Batman (1966)
Batman (1989)
Batman Returns (1992)
Batman Forever (1995)
Batman & Robin (1997)
Batman Begins (2005)
The Dark Knight (2008)
The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

The 1940's serials strike me as just throwaway efforts with little real enthusiasm to them. For their time they were disposable entertainment. The 1960's television series and feature film are just a parody of Batman and his world. They're okay for a periodc smirk, but I find them just too cringe inducing, primarily because I haven't been seven years old for a very long time.

I find this something of a tough call. I quite liked the 1989 Batman when it was released, but it has aged and at the time there wasn't a lot to compare it to. Since then we eventually got Batman Begins which really showed up the camp aspects of the '89 film. In its overall approach Batman Begins was what many of us had hoped the '89 film would have been. Now I tend to look at the recent Nolan trilogy as something of a united work, a great sprawling story spread across multiple films even though each one is somewhat self-contained. It's really tough to choose because they're each replete with great moments I really like. But if I have to choose I'd give the nod to The Dark Knight. It simply feels the most complete.
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