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Re: M'ress appreciation thread

Thankls. I can, of course, fit the miniskirt (sans "skirt") upon a more human figure and use the same trick for the hips and legs. Though it can't use the "spats". Instead, I'd fit boots to the feet.

Why is M'Ress blasting 'bots instead of something communications related? I'm not sure. I loaded all three classic pieces of exploration gear and then needed an explanation for the phaser. So I loaded Ptrope's M-4 model as a "downed" target.

Hmm, maybe the "Mudd's Women" type "hut" (also modeled by Ptrope) in the background is some sort of "radio shack" and the droid was preventing M'Ress from reaching it. After some frustration she finally pulled an "Indiana Jones" and shot the sucka'!


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