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Re: The "Bride" of the "M'Ress Appreciation Thread"

M'Ress: "Security obstacle, uh, 'neutralized'..."

Looks like M'Ress has dispatched one of Mr. Flint's M-4 robots and is now reporting her status. Maybe Flint patented the design and sold them.

Just presenting an idea for a landing party uniform a tad more practiacl than the standard miniskirt. Actually it is the miniskirt geometry with the hip section removed. I applied a velvet procedural to the hips and legs of the base figure to imply some sort of form fitting pants or leotard. Oshikai, who modeled the uniform, offers a freebie set of "socks" (maybe "spats" is a better description?) for use with the digitigrade lower legs. Our very own moderator, Ptrope, supplied the M-4 robot and the "cabin" seen in "Mudd's Women".


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