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Re: General Music Thread

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There has been good music in the 80's but also stuff beyond bad... and don't mention the hair and costumes of those days..

Santaman...I agree with you about the 80's. I think that, like any era of music, there was good and bad. Most of the bad is sort of forgotten at this point (unless it was so bad that it is actually remembered for it's excessive badness! )...but there is good and bad in all eras.
As someone who grew up in the 80s and 90s, I can definitely concur with this. In the UK, BBC Four rebroadcasts old episodes of Top of the Pops originally shown in the late 70s each Thursday (except when The Sky At Night is on) and the vast majority of the songs featured each week have been rightly forgotten in the mists of time, with only one or two songs that have survived in the general collective memory - not coincidentally, such songs are genuinely good. But yeah, the truly awful ones are remembered for their badness, and as such still stay with us whether we like it or not!

Also, our Radio 2 each week has a Pick of the Pops programme which revisits the UK top 40 from the present week in 2 different years - occasionally featuring music from my childhood years - and while it gives us the chance to listen again to great songs, it does unearth some forgotten gems of songs and, again, some rubbish that should have stayed forgotten but didn't.
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