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I loved several of Dire Straits's chart hits (and videos!) when I was a child, and I got their Very Best Of... CD some time ago. Later I got "Brothers In Arms" and I can see why it was the one CD that everyone had to own back in the day - even today it's still a fantastic listen.

Then I saw the film "Local Hero" for which Mark Knopfler composed the soundtrack. To date it's still one of my favourite movie soundtracks. The Live version of the "Wild Theme" is one of the best things I have ever heard.
You know, I do not own that "Very Best Of" album. At that point, I owned all of their studio albums and had purchased "Money For Nothing" a decade earlier (I always got a kick out of them using "Money for Nothing" as the title of they had a sense of humor about the fact that there were no new songs on the record - it was just a 'best of' compilation. ) so I didn't buy "The Very Best Of". Would you recommend it to JayOwl? I don't even know what tracks are on it!
Its full title is "Sultans of Swing: the very best of Dire Straits" released in the late 90s, and is a collection of their singles, including the radio edit of "Money For Nothing" and live versions of Local Hero's "Wild Theme" and "Your Latest Trick." It's a decent introduction to their work, I think, and might inspire someone new to the band to seek the rest of their discography.

Track list:
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