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Re: Hope Solo: Babe of the week #31 (July 2012)

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Okay, so are all the masculine feminists happy we're voting on an athlete or does she also have to have a Harvard MBA?
Pardon my small ignorance regarding the English language, I do not come from America, but is “masculine feminists” in this sentence to imply something bad about people who expressed concerns before? It felt as if a negative connotation flippantly popped out of the sentence and tried to prick me in the eye, but I can't quite figure where it came from.

In your TV shows I've seen fictional characters use that feminist word in disparaging manner, and I've heard some of your TV and radio hosts use it to vilify victims of prejudice (if I recall correctly, one of them even posts here), but I assumed that it was all about imaginary people who were afraid that their wife might start thinking for herself?

Why should real people from the real world have any issue when someone wants fair treatment for all? Shouldn't all real people want to treat all other people as people, in other words, be feminists? Why should this even be a qualifier?
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