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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

50. 21 Jump Street: B+
51. The Dark Knight Rises: A-
52. Sicko: C
53. Capitalism A Love Story: C
54. Seven Pounds: B

While I don't agree with Michael Moore's politics I at least give him some credit, especially in Capitalism, of not fully letting the House Led Dems of '07-'08 off the hook. Bush compromised on the budgets and bills they passed. Bush gets demonized for compromising(which we are told is a good thing, until Dems are asked to compromise of course) but so many forget who (Pelosi/Reid) made the budgets he signed. Obama(and sadly us) got the economy they set up. So, it's probably a good thing Reid hasn't put up a budget in 3years really! He also didn't let Barney Frank off the hook for reassuring us that Fannie/Freddie were aokay.
While with Sicko his presentation of the narrative, especially in France is misleading. France is documented as one of the highest tax "western nations" and he presents a family who says "no taxes are reasonable". Then there's the whole Cuba trip, don't make me laugh. We can all agree the US healthcare system needs improving but the ACA, or Obamacare, is going to bankrupt us all. This isn't the right solution.

Seven Pounds, with Will Smith, was a rather depressing movie about a man who lost his fiancee in a car wreck. Thereby losing his will to live. After donating a lung to his brother to save his life decided to become a one man organ factory by donating his liver, eyes(Woody Harrelson's blind Ezra) and heart(Rosario Dawson's Emily) to needing individuals. He also gives his house away to a woman with two kids who needs to escape her abusive boyfriend.
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