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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

^ FWIW, the staff at The Digital Bits is usually competent. Now, speaking personally as a software developer, I find the provided explanation to be rather flimsy, and yes, even if true it would seem to hint at unorthodox (and likely unintentional) authoring choices. However, I also don't find it inconceivable that a disc could be authored in a way that would cause A/V desync on some players. These specifications are quite complex, and the software and hardware implementing them has to be quite sophisticated. They're also supersets of specifications which in itself are very complicated, e.g. the codecs in use (a H.264 decoder is no trivial matter). At the same time, low-cost consumer implementations of them do try to cut corners and will only barely meet the certification requirements in some areas of the spec. There's a huge amount of possible variety for the input (e.g. a H.264 bitstream is quite flexible, and an encoder can create bitstreams with vastly different characteristics) which can hit the codepaths in these implementations in different ways, and some may function poorly.

Given all this, I see no reason to believe their statements are false. But that doesn't mean the discs shouldn't be overhauled.
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