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Re: General Music Thread

PKTrekGirl wrote:
Dire Straits is awesome. And the first album you should probably buy is an easy choice, because it is the album that was a MAJOR smash in the early 80's: Brothers In Arms. It doesn't have all of their major hits on it...but it the strongest overall record - not a filler song on it.

Another possibility might be Money For Nothing, which is sort of a 'best of' compilation. Most of the hits are on there. That might be a good one if you don't know anything about them and just want to test them out. But I do like their albums - back in the 80's we did not have iTunes...and you bought an entire album. So albums are kind of the more authentic way of listening to this music - the way we did.

One very important thing to note about Dire Straits, however, is that they were an AWESOME live band. Mark Knopfler is considered to be one of the best guitarists around...and so the live jams at the end of songs are a not-to-be-missed experience. If you notice on YouTube, alot of their live music is 10+ minutes long. That's cus on songs such as Sultans of Swing and Telegraph Road, they cut loose at the end just let it happen. Probably their best known live album is called Alchemy Live...this was a hugely popular double album and was made as a CD and as a DVD. Here is Sultans of Swing off that album:

The songs are you have to have the time to just sit and let the music wash over you, listen to the story...and let Mark Knopfler amaze you. This isn't clubbing music. But this was an amazingly talented band - one of the key bands of the 80's (they started in the 70's...but the 80's was their peak) that all of us of a certain age respected...and still respect to this day.
Thanks! That's ok, I don't like clubbing music much at all.

My Dad has loads of records and I know Dire Straits are amoung them, but I don't see him or his record collection much, and I can't get records onto mp3. I listen to most things via iTunes/ my iPod. As it turns out, I don't buy many single songs or much off iTunes at all, I buy CD albums to 1) keep the value rather than just having worthless mp3s, 2) To have a physical copy to play in the car and 3) It's usually cheaper anyway, and if it's new it's just the same price!

Listening to the first link, I have to agree, they are amazing live! The best ones are. I don't regonise any yet, but they'll probably grow on me. I've just ordered "Brothers In Arms"- 2.75 including packaging. I love Amazon. .

I'll listen to the studio version in a mintute, while they sound great live, the studio versions are obviously going to be cleared. Still, I like "Telegraph Road" most so far.
I didn't get the MTV videos because they're 'not available in my country', but I searched it anyway, and "The Walk Of Life" has a really nice backing. I'm glad I got the album now. I should have it in a couple of weeks.

Thank you! I'm convinced. Once I have one album I can see how much I like it and go from there, but it's looking good so far.
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