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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

It's not a problem for everyone, so it's not a problem with the discs. And they were able to reproduce player settings causing the problem to appear.

It sounds like a well-reasoned evaluation of the situation, not "a load of crap".
It may be a viable work around, but it still doesn't explain why people are only experiencing issues with these discs but not others in their collection. So while it may not appear to be an issue with the discs in your eyes, there is clearly something different about the way these discs were made. If someone with a decent knowledge of their hardware, and a collection of fifty discs is only experiencing a problem with this one, then it would indicate that the discs are not quite 'correct'. Given the other problems, I think it's a safe bet they did something different that makes the discs much more resource intensive than others.
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