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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Sweet Zombie Jesus! That was awesome!

I need to watch this at least once more to fully ingest this movie, but here are some random initial thoughts.

Tom Hardy was everything I wanted and more. He has come a long way since Shinzon (and in retrospect, I don't blame him for that performance). Layer Cake, Bronson, Rocknrolla, Inception, and now this. The man has an incredible charisma and physical presence as Bane, and although he's not as chilling as The Joker, he's very terrifying nonetheless.

Michael Caine stole every single scene he was in and he had me jerking back tears more than once. Alfred's falling out with Bruce was shocking and disturbing, but it also felt real and a lot of that is thanks to Caine. Seriously, give this man (another) Oscar!

Major props to Joseph Gordon-Levitt who did a terrific job as John Blake and I thoroughly enjoyed the overall character, including the Robin/Nightwing setup.

I loved Liam Neeson's cameo largely because I expected him to show up in a flashback, but I was also relieved he wasn't actually immortal (even though the idea was referenced). Cillian Murphy's two short scenes were also great. He looked llike he had a lot of fun despite the small role.

I was firmly in the "Bruce Wayne should die" camp and I was even convinced that he did die, but I do like his final fate nonetheless because Alfred's fantasy came true.

I even liked the few comic book moments like Miranda/Talia reveal "Bane wasn't Ra's Al Ghul's son! I was his daughter! Hahaha!" and her death scene "Ra's Al Ghul has won...hahaha....."

The Avengers was incredibly fun. The Dark Knight Rises was more. Not only was it an amazing movie, it was a fantastic conclusion to an astounding trilogy. Thank you, Christopher Nolan, thank you, a million thank yous.
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