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Re: General Music Thread

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BTW, did you get the Jeff Ament solo album yet? I am eyeing the vinyl in the PJ shop, I haven't even heard the album yet, but will be picking it up soon.
I bought the CD, but not the vinyl. The album is reasonably good. I mean, it's not a Pearl Jam record...but it's new and pretty good. I have not decided yet if I will buy the vinyl. I did buy the Brad album on vinyl.

BTW, did you see PJ this summer in the UK? I heard the shows over there were great! Eddie is still over there, IIRC, doing some solo shows. I am seeing Pearl Jam in September - Music Midtown in Atlanta. It's a festival so it won't be a full blown for-the-fans PJ show...but they have just not been touring the US in recent years, so it's better than nothing. PJ headlines night one and Foo Fighters headlines night that will be great!
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