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Re: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Comic Book "Reboot."

Micro-Series #5 Casey Jones - I really enjoyed this one shot and how Casey is honoring his mothers wish to take care of his father. Even if that method is a bit unorthodox. Really good issue.

TMNT #12 - After Splinter and Shredder went toe/toe it's finally time for Shredder to face the Foursome of Shellbacks. Shredder also finds out the turtles are in fact the reincarnated children. Most all major players are involved in this issue from Angel of the Purple Dragons to Aloplex, the mutated snow leopard this issue seemingly had it all. Even one page, multi paneled with Stockman, Hob and Krang.

I also got my Ultimate edition of the first arc of the relaunch. I could've done without the reproduction of all the issues in pencil. I'd rather have had the first four issues in the micro series but this looks nice next to my Mirage editions.

Assuming it doesn't get pushed back again Ultimate TMNT vol.3 is released in two weeks on Aug. 14.
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