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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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In the course of reading about some of this stuff, I've come across that Damian Wayne has been Robin the last three years (I haven't read a Batman comic in many years)? And I know Dick was Batman for a while - don't know if that's still going on but I assume not after the Return of Bruce Wayne story. So what's become of Tim in the comics?
Tim now goes by the name Red Robin (changing his name/costume when Damian took up the Robin identity). He leads the Teen Titans, and there are rumors that they're going to pretend he was never a Robin and always went by the name Red Robin.
Well if they'd retcon in the awful Son of the Demon and have Bruce running around with a biological son (which all sounds wildly soap opera-y to me) - and resurrect Jason Todd to boot, I guess nothing would suprise me when it comes to how they handle Robin.

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Interesting article on Time online about how Robin John Blake, while seeming to be a new character created just for TDKR, is actually an amalgam of the original 3 Robins

I think fans pretty much came to that conclusion too

Dick Grayson- Orphan

Jason Todd- Hot head

Tim Drake- Detective
Well, the article puts it a little differently:

Blake has the general demeanor, humor, and optimism of Dick Grayson - plus being a cop as Dick was (is?) when he first moved to the Nightwing title; he's an orphan from the wrong side of the tracks like Jason Todd (while Foley labels Blake a hothead, he doesn't ever seem to actually be one, certainly not anything like Jason was) and he figures out who Batman is like Tim.
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