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Re: Marvel's Ultimate Comics

I was with Ultimate Spider-man during the entire original run of Bendis and Bagley, but then left when Bags left to rejoin Amazing Spider-man at the time (what a mistake that was for me). I jumped back on board with the recent relaunch with Miles and I've been enjoying it quite a lot, although the pacing is decompressed as Bendis' writing style is more befitting a TV show than a comic, with several issues making up an "hour-long episode," IMO. It's short on action, but big on character building and setting up things to come.

I was with Ultimate X-Men when it was originally launched, but then left after its initial arc. I rejoined it with the current relaunch alongside USM, but mainly because the regular artists is one of my favorites today. I think the initial run by Nick Spencer was a bit all over the place, but it reflected how deconstructed and essentially disbanded the X-Men had become. New writer Brian Wood seems to be in the position of "putting the band" back together.
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