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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Interesting article on Time online about how Robin John Blake, while seeming to be a new character created just for TDKR, is actually an amalgam of the original 3 Robins. In fact I just noticed that his full name incorporates Dick Grayson's father's name as middle name - just as in Richard John Grayson. I had thought he was a pretty straight up nod to Dick Grayson, but the article points out solid material that came from Jason and Tim as well.

In the course of reading about some of this stuff, I've come across that Damian Wayne has been Robin the last three years (I haven't read a Batman comic in many years)? And I know Dick was Batman for a while - don't know if that's still going on but I assume not after the Return of Bruce Wayne story. So what's become of Tim in the comics?
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