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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...


Goddamn you, Brian Q. Miller!

You broke me! The waterworks have started! I'm a burbling bawling mess!

Why? Why do you have to write so goddamn well? As for you Pere Perez... you're not off the hook either! You're an amazing visual storyteller whose knack for likenesses is uncanny! You capture the emotion of Brian Q's script and then amplify them tenfold! My heart is fucking broken and you two are to blame!

That's right! I'm talking about Smallville: Season 11 #12, the quite moving epilogue to the Guardian storyline!

We begin with Superman revisiting the scene of the crime! Lex Luthor's office! No window breaking in this issue. Just Superman coming to compliment Luthor on the way he tried to help Hank Henshaw.

There's a sense of that old Smallville chemistry between Clark and Lex in this scene. You get the feeling that Superman believes that the man who was once his very best friend still exists in Lex Luthor. He even says as such:

"You remind me very much of someone I used to know."

Superman calls him "Lex" for the first time since their "introduction" and offers him his hand in friendship.

Luthor, suffice it to say, does not take it. Instead we learn why the shuttle accident happened and the reason for it is is a real game changer.

Luthor wanted to saturate Superman with radiation. Not enough radiation to harm the people around him but enough to tag Supes like an animal.

That's right. Superman's irradiated body now sticks out like a sore thumb on Luthor's defense satellites and he can be tracked now twenty four hours a day. What's worse is that the half life of that radiation is five hundred years!

That's right! Bye, bye secret identity! Bye, bye Lois! Bye, bye Smallville! Bye, bye Clark Kent!

It's gone! All of it! Gone! Clark Kent has no choice but to be Superman for the rest of his fucking life!


This was like nothing I could have ever expected to see transpire in the season premiere of Smallville. This is like one of their amazing finales! It drives me nuts the implications of this issue! The Death of Clark Kent!Lex Luthor triumphant!


Brian Q can take this storyline anywhere and do anything with it! I have no idea how the status quo is going to be restored! How the hell is Supes going to get rid of this radiation? How is he going to carry on his relationship with Lois? What will this do to his identity as Clark Kent?

I can't wait to find out!

Oddly enough Clark Kent's death is not the only one we're facing this issue. That's right... it's the death of Chloe Sullivan!

I'll just let that hang in the air because Chloe's death has lead to an implication that fills me with dread.

The Smallville universe is about to face something Earth shattering...

Literally! Infinitely Earth shattering!


The Crisis is upon us!

I'm shaking with excitement! I want the next issue and I want it yesterday!

Smallville: Season 11 #12. What can I say? I dug it! Wholeheartedly! Unreservedly! I dug it! It was all characterization and set up for the rest of the season and it was a work of sensitive and gentle genius! Brian Q and Pere deserve my highest commendations! They are truly great artists! I love this comic! I love the creators! I am very happy and grateful to be getting this book every week!

And that last image... Lois's mournful "I love you." to Clark. You guys made me weep! You made me weep for my favorite couple and what's more you made me weep because I don't have #13 in my hands right now!

Buy this book, guys! Buy it! Read it! Love it! Recommend it to others! Smallville isn't just the best comics adaptation on the stands it's one of the best reads out there!

This book does the Superman legacy proud!
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