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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

Update from Digital Bits

All right, I do have a quick update for you today on the Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray 7.1 audio issue. CBS has investigated, they're in the process of correcting the problem and we expect to have an official statement from them very soon on how they're going to handle it with consumers.

Now... here's something important: For those of you who may be experiencing audio sync issues with the Dolby Digital audio on the extra features on the TNG BDs, check your Blu-ray player settings. Some people are reporting problems and others aren't. It appears NOT to be a player model issue or an actual problem on the discs, but rather inconsistencies in the way people have their players setup. I've done some experiments with our demo system here at The Bits, and essentially what's happening is the more work your Blu-ray player is having to do in terms of processing the video and the audio signal, the more delay between audio and video appears when watching the extras. So if you have a very good display, set your player simply to deliver the video signal without extra processing and let your display do all the work of video processing. Conversely, if you have a high-end A/V receiver, let the receiver do all the heavy-lifting with the audio decoding. In our test system, sure enough when we overworked the player (two different models - Oppo and Panasonic) a significant audio delay appeared. When we restored the proper settings, the problem cleared up. Give that a shot and spread the word when you hear others having similar problems with audio sync on the extras. That at least is NOT a problem with the discs. I should note that setting your player settings in this manner is just a good idea in general - after all, the reason you buy high-quality displays (flat screens or projectors) and A/V receivers is that they have the extra muscle to do the work in delivering the reference video and audio quality you want.
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