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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

I'm just amused by how close Alfred's visitation in the end of the movie was to his fantasy from the beginning.

Too close.

Regardless of whether Bruce survived.

(Because he totally did.)

I think Alfred was just having a stroke.

The filter used, made me think of 12 monkeys where Bruce Willis keeps having that flashback about how as a child he saw his adult self was shot dead after time traveling.

Are we supposed to believe that Bruce set that up?

Organized a confluence of events to match Alfred's "dream" to give the old guy a warm tingly feeling inside, when any contact would be incredibly dangerous and lead probably to Alfred's execution if not Alfred being taken hostage and tortured until Bruce delivered himself as a human ransom to himself be tortured and murdered.

Or was it just fate being magnanimous for once?

If it did happen, would Selina play along with that set up?

Or did he endanger her life too, and lie to her during the course of which, just to give the old guy a warm tingly feeling inside.
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