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Re: Hope Solo: Babe of the week #31 (July 2012)

Captain Dago wrote: View Post
In my estimation of feminine pulchritude, there can be such a thing as having too hard a hard body. I prefer women who are a little softer than the estimable Ms. Solo, particularly in their facial features. Great athlete, certainly a local hero here in the Emerald City, but doesn't give me that certain zing. Sideways.
FPAlpha wrote: View Post
Sideways for one simple reason:

She's a pro sports player.. while that produces insanely well trained and good looking men (I'm told many women like fit, six packed guys) it doesn't look so good on a woman.

While she's not bodybuilder type muscular her legs are still quite strong and muscular (which is ok in her sport) but is a turn off for me.. her upper body is ok.

Her face though is very attractive so once she quits and dials down the training she may get a more feminine figure and then she's perfect.
For the most part, I'm kinda inclined to agree with the two above quotes. Still, these two shots of Miss Solo are pretty awesome:

Aragorn wrote: View Post
Still, I'm afraid I'll have to go with sideways. Those two pics are about it....

Admiral2 wrote: View Post

Okay, so are all the masculine feminists happy we're voting on an athlete or does she also have to have a Harvard MBA?
I would not count on it.
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