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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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I see people online defending this by inventing the idea we the viewer were mislead. There is nothing in those few seconds to indicate they aren't essentially sequential.
No one online invented the idea that movies are not edited in real time; they constantly expand and compress it to create a desired impression. The impression we are meant to have at the time of the explosion is that Batman died in it. Then the twist is that we find out he actually survived. It's really quite simple and something movies and comics do all the time.

What's inventing something out of thin air is suggesting that Alfred is hallucinating seeing Bruce and Selena at the cafe and ignoring the other evidence of Batman surviving because..."it looked like he didn't have time to escape!" Of course it looked like that, it was supposed to, if it didn't there wouldn't be tension and there wouldn't be a surprise. Theatricality and deception.
The bones tell me...nothing.
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